Support Flange 50 ea  4oz bags/pail 6" Clean out  Cylinder Mixer Shaft, Right Part
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Mixer Shaft, Right Part
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Slick Willie 2 Pails 50 ea 4oz bags/pail.

Slick Willie 2 is America's favorite powder concrete pump primer. It is an industry-leader combining speed and performance. With its non-alkaline formula, Slick Willie 2 sets up quickly and will not dry out concrete. Slick Willie 2 is easy to use and works with any type of concrete pump. Slick Willie 2 can be pumped in the forms, although we always recommend priming out. The powder concrete pump primer coats the inside wall of your pipe and hose system, providing unmatched protection. Slick Willie 2 is chemically-neutral, environmentally safe and available in 4 oz. packets.
6" Clean out  Cylinder
- High Density Foam
Mixer Shaft, Right Part
Part # U288387008